The publishing industry is hoping that it doesn't take long to recover and Google thinks that they may have the answer. Google is trying to create a mobile newsstand for their Android platform similar to what is already offered by Apple. The difference being, Google is offering to keep a smaller percentage of sales than what Apple already takes from the publishers. Apple currently takes 30% from publishers, which seems a bit like highway robbery. Google will also offer up user information to the publishers in its network, something that Apple is also considering. Magazine downloads on Apple devices have been paltry at best. In a lot of cases the numbers have been downright horrific. Part of that reason is because Apple currently doesn't offer a subscription option. Users have to download each issue individually. Perhaps if Google and Android could integrate some sort of subscription option that would make things cheaper for the consumer and give some month to month stability to the publishers, then this could see a bit of a lift over the current mobile options. All indications so far say that Google is in the very early stages of putting this together, so don't be surprised if it never comes to fruition, or major changes occur between the idea stage and actual implementation. Without a doubt, the publishing industry needs something to pick it up off the mat.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium