I'm not sure why anyone would want an old timey pocket watch embedded in the alligator leather cell phone case designed specifically for their iPhone (which has a clock already). But just in case you do, De Bethune, who makes watches way more expensive than anything I could ever afford, has made the perfect iPhone case for you. Pricing and availability haven't been released to the public. But judging by how garish and completely unnecessary this item is, it has to be several thousand dollars. And why not? 'Even though its use is questionable, the hand-guilloché dial with flame-blued steel hands definitely is an aesthetically enhancement while the used mechanical DB 1024 calibre with up to 6 days of power reserve provides the technical pillars for the serious collector' That is part of the description pulled from the Gentleman's Gadgets webpage. I especially like the Blued Steel part, and how it conjures images of Zoolander.