There was a time when Finnish manufacturer Nokia dominated the cellular world.  They all but invented the concept of cell phone accessories when the 6100 series of phones came out with detachable faceplates.  But just as LL Cool J once dominated the hip hop charts, times have changed, and in order to stay relevant, adaptation and evolution is a must. These days, you’re more likely to see Cool James or Ice-T solving crimes on prime time television than you are to see them in a studio laying down tracks.  They’ve managed to stay relevant by growing and adapting.  Unfortunately for Nokia, in recent years, they have fallen off the pace, conceding their once lofty position in the cellular marketplace to manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.  The Finnish giants still lead the way in terms of total production, but have failed to garner much attention lately, losing out to both Apple’s iPhone and the Android powered phones like the Galaxy S series of phones like the Samsung Epic recently release for Sprint. Bigger isn’t always better, and Nokia grabbed this week to let the world (and their investors) know that they haven’t been knocked out.  In fact, Nokia is coming out of the corner swinging, and is hoping to land a few punches with two new lines of Smartphones.  While it remains to be seen if this heavyweight is packing any real bite, they have definitely gotten people’s attention. The company plans to officially unveil its E7 line of phones later this week, complete with a huge touch screen and a full keyboard.  While the E7 will be the jab that lays the foundation, the right hook appears to be the N8 line of phones.  The Nokia N8 will be the first phone to run on Nokia’s Symbian 3 software, designed to rival the iPhone and Android operating systems.  It’s a long time coming too.  Still, the N8 line of phones will be a photo and video dynamo, featuring a staggering 12.0 megapixel camera. Of course, we here at Wireless Emporium are keeping a close eye on Nokia as well.  Since phones have been come an integral part in consumers lives, we’ve tried our best to meet the demand to keep those phones protected and personalized.  Nokia has been around for years, but this announcement certainly suggests a comeback.  Although I’m sure they would like to think of it as an evolution.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium