We all know that you can stream Netflix to your iPhone or iPod. But watching a movie on a 3.5' screen isn't exactly replicating the movie going experience. If only there was some sort of iPhone accessory that would charge your iPhone and stream Netflix on a larger screen. Well how about that. This is the Chinon Avi Stylix. It is an iPod/iPhone docking station with a 7' LCD screen, speakers and a remote control. It also comes with a micro SD card slot and a USB port. If I were bidding on this on the Price is Right, I would so overbid. This bad boy is only $99, which when you compare it to other docking stations that don't have 7' LCD screens that allow you to stream Netflix, is a total bargain. I guess the only drawback is that it doesn't have Wi-Fi, so you'll need an internet connection for it to stream those movies. So if you are on a limited data plan and rely on Wi-Fi to surf the web, bummer for you.