Don't feel like paying several hundred dollars for a crocodile skin cell phone case? A clever individual in the Ukraine figured out a way to wrap their phone in crocodile skin without paying a penny. Unfortunately the phone is also wrapped in crocodile muscle, crocodile bone, crocodile stomach, and crocodile stomach acid. Some moron decided that they weren't happy with the pictures they were getting at a local aquarium in the Ukraine, so they stuck their arm through the fencing to get a foot closer, and dropped their Nokia phone in the enclosure. Curious, a crocodile ate the phone. When employees at the aquarium were informed of the incident, they were skeptical, so they called the phone. And it rang - from inside the crocodiles stomach. We all know that Nokia makes some pretty durable phones, but the crocodile digestion test is probably something they skip over back at the lab in Finland. Unfortunately for Nokia, in addition to being practically irrelevant in the smartphone arena, their phones also cause massive indigestion. The poor crocodile has been refusing food and has been far less active since eating the phone. At least if the phone had been on vibrate he could get a little tickle tickle for his troubles.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium