Yesterday we told you about an app tailor made to help you hide certain contacts from nosy girlfriends and boyfriends. Today comes an app that does the exact opposite. Not only does it not hide your contacts, it shares them with anyone sitting the same room as you that has the same app downloaded to their phone. Called the 'My name is E' app for now, we expect this to quickly be named the 'How to be a creepy stalker without even trying' app. Whatever happened to asking someone for their number, and pressing dial? That way you have their number saved to your phone and they have yours. You can enter their name later. This way, a stalker doesn't even have to do any real leg work to get the phone number of the person they are obsessing about. They just have to follow them to their local Starbucks, turn on the app, pretend to order a cup of coffee, and should the stalkee also have the same app downloaded – bam – you're listening to someone breath heavily into the phone at 4 in the morning while Peter Gabriel is playing in the background. The app is free, which means plenty of unsuspecting targets are going to unwittingly sharing their e-mail address and phone number with the creeper on the other side of the room.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium