I remember when the app store for Apple first came out. The tagline was 'there's an app for that.' There literally was an app for almost everything – except for an app to help you cheat on your significant other. Well Apple users, you're still out of luck when it comes to cheating apps, but Android users can feel free to cheat away as much as possible. Now the need for a privacy screen protector is all but moot thanks to Loky. This app allows you to keep a separate contact list away from your regular contacts list. It also will redirect text messages, videos and pictures sent from this secret contact list to the app instead of your phones regular messaging app. And of course, everything is password protected. But it doesn't stop there people. This app comes with a great feature – shake to close. If you are pouring over those sext messages while sitting in your cubicle and your boss sneaks up on you, you just shake your phone and the app closes. No more fumbling with buttons to avoid embarrassing situations. Speaking of unscrupulous activities, this cell phone accessory is likely to become a stripper's worst nightmare (or a shopoholic's). Proverbial Wallets from John Kestner on Vimeo. It is a wallet that syncs to your cell phone through Bluetooth technology, which in turn syncs to your mobile banking app. You program your monthly budget into the app and when you hit that number a clasp in the wallet prevents you from being able to open the wallet. It will also vibrate whenever a transaction takes place. This is definitely not the wallet you want to bring on a first date or to Vegas. Scratch that, this is exactly the wallet you want to bring with you to Vegas.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium