Charles Manson was caught with a cell phone last month for the second time. Being the criminal mastermind that he is, I'm shocked that prison officials found it at all. He was hiding it under his mattress. Inmates getting their hands on cell phones is becoming a huge problem for prison officials. They use them to organize criminal activities while behind bars. With the proliferation of cell phones in jails, you have to figure that cell phone accessories like batteries and cell phone chargers are getting smuggle in as well. It paints a disturbing, if not comical picture of exactly how these items are making it behind the concrete walls of prisons around the country. The problem has gotten so out of hand that at least one Senator is trying to get legislation passed that will make it a crime for an inmate to be in possession of a cell phone while in prison. Suggested punishments include an additional 5 years tacked onto a prison sentence and/or forfeiture of time already served. Considering that these criminals are already shanking each other in the shower with sharpened tooth brushes, I doubt the new law will be much of a deterrent. These guys are prisoners after all. Clearly the thread of jail time didn't have too much influence over their decision making process in the past. Other lawmakers and prison officials have tried to pass legislation that would allow them to jam cell phone signals in jails, but the FCC determined that would be against the law, so that plan was killed before it ever got off the ground. Just in case you were wondering who Manson was calling: late night infomercials. The ShamWow really comes in handy when you're behind bars.

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