We try not to shamelessly sell products here on the Wireless Emporium blog. That isn't why we created it. Frankly, we try to listen to the market and blog about current topics. As smartpones continue to grow in popularity, one thing that consumers are complaining about the most is battery life. We know, we asked on our Facebook page. There are several iPhone cases out there that boast an external battery pack. Most add a significant amount of bulk to phones. A company called PhoneSuit has come out with an option that is only 17mm thick but also boasts a 2100 mah battery pack that can add up to double the battery life to the iPhone 4. Not too shabby. For those not rocking an iPhone 4, a startup company called SuVolta has just unveiled a technology that will reduce processor power consumption by up to half. Considering that processors are getting more beast like in cell phones, and as such are draining tons of battery life, this is a technology that is arriving right on time. Ironically (not so much, it was actually a planned pun) SuVolta in Italian roughly translates to On Time. How exactly SuVolta's tech can promise such power saving is kind of technical, but you can read about it here. SuVolta claims to have been working with Fujitsu for two years now and claims that their technology can be applied to current chip manufacturers. If everything they are claiming is true, we could be seeing super fast and super efficient cell phones sooner rather than later.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium