For those not in the know, is a website dedicated to helping small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs raise funding for various projects they are working on. We've featured more than one such cell phone accessory right here in this blog. Above is a picture of an iPad accessory that has managed to raise more than $100k through Kickstarter. Considering the inventors goals was to raise $10k, I'd say there is a bit of a demand for this particular item. In total, nearly 3,000 people pledged money, and the PadPivot will go into production this spring. The inventor is also claiming that the PadPivot will be compatible with numerous tablets and e-readers, and we don't see why it wouldn't be based on the very simple and straight forward design. Simple designs typically are the most ingenious, and this one is no exception. The video below offers up several examples of practical uses for the PadPivot, and we expect it to make its inventors a few bucks.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium