We've all seen the ads. Every carrier and their mother insist's that in some way, their network, coverage and speed rates are better than anyone else's. Personally, we're tired of the vague statements these shiny new commercials keep telling us with their unclear coverage maps dotted with vagaries. Leave it to the modern smartphone to solve the issue of service misinformation. It's finally time to have carriers put their money where their mouths are, with the help of an iPhone app they're probably not too thrilled about: Carrier Compare. The concept of Carrier Compare is simple: Press start, and the app will analyze your network's Signal Strength, Response and Speed Times, then compare it with other services nearby. The result? Depending on where you are during your day and night, you may find out the carrier you use isn't so compatible with your daily routine. And if it's time to shop around for a new service, the comparison option gives you great leads on which networks actually work for you this time around. No more reliance spotty marketing language or impressive looking coverage graphics. With Carrier Compare, consumers actually have the power to win, just a little bit, against carriers this time. Currently the app only compares for the Big 3, that's to say we're only talking about Verizon, AT&T and Sprint for the moment, but considering that most budget carriers also piggy-back on these networks, it's a great way to see if cheaper options such as Boost Mobile which is on th Sprint Network, would work for you. So far the possibilities are nearly endless for how Carrier Compare can be used, but we believe people moving to new cities, or those who are looking to switch from the price gouging of their network will definitely benefit from the data provided. We're glad the people at SwayMarkets have taken the initiative of releasing such a powerful tool for free, and we hope they continue to add carriers for comparison as well as support for Android. Hopefully this facilitates a movement for REAL QUALITY reflected by network performance and carrier prices. For now, thanks to Carrier Compare, we don't have to be guilty of fast-forwarding that Verizon commercial next time not that we ever were.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium