When the iPhone first emerged, it was dubbed the "smartphone" because of the amount of tasks it could handle like a computer: receive and send emails, play music, browse the internet, download multimedia files... Remember how amazing all of this sounded when it first came out? Since then, countless other smartphones and devices have emerged, along with other coined terms like the "tablet" and the "phablet." Now that Samsung has released the Galaxy S4 Zoom, what do we call this contraption? It's essentially a smartphone with a highly optimized camera permanently attached to the back (much like the Galaxy Camera released last year without the phone aspect). Here at Wireless Emporium, we've been calling this thing a Phamera. It's a bit like the Phone and Tablet combination of Phablet, and it was also the best option. Other terms that came up were Camerone, Camerphone, and Camera Smartphone. We decided that "Camerone" sounded like a French dessert, "Camerphone" didn't quite roll off the tongue very elegantly, and "Camera Smartphone" was just too boring. If Samsung and other companies decide to make more devices like this, what term would you coin?

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium