A new app has found its way to the Android Market and Apple's App Store. It is a background check app called….wait for it…Background Check. F for creativity there. It is from a company called Been Verified, and it had previously been in the Android market but got pulled due to privacy concerns. Maybe Apple isn't as concerned with privacy these days. Guys around the world are letting out a collective groan as women will quickly be able to find out pretty much everything about them before the bartender finishes making the mojito they bought for her. The app can find out everything from property ownership records to criminal records, social media profiles, relatives and even what you ate for dinner last Thursday. People will get 1 free background check per month. Each subsequent background check is a buck. You can even buy bulk background checks for a discount. That option would be for overly paranoid girls, or girls who make really really poor decisions when it comes to men. I realize that this app isn't strictly for women, but it's kind of hard to picture a guy running a background check on a girl he just met without coming off as a stalker. Besides, there are plenty of stalker apps out there already. And based on this video, it's pretty clear who this is being marketed towards.
BeenVerified Commercial   I completely understand the need to be careful when you meet a stranger. I personally am not dishonest when I meet someone. At the same time, I wouldn't want to meet a girl at the grocery store and have her find my Match.com dating profile before we get to the checkout line. That's just uncomfortable. We do live in an information age. And quite frankly, a Google search would reveal a lot of the information this app provides. But a Google search requires a bit of work and know how to track down the info that Background Check can grab in a relatively short amount of time. To say that this app is getting mixed reviews would be an understatement. It has as many 1 star reviews as it does 5 star reviews. And I would imagine that if someone has a relatively common name, that this app would basically be worthless. Ladies, background check responsibly. Guys, don't background check at all. It just makes you look creepy.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium