That elusive white whale from Moby Dick has crossed over into the cellular world thanks to Apple.  The quest for a white iPhone 4 has must have customers feeling a bit like Ahab today, as Apple has pulled the mythical device from their store altogether.  The phones release had been pushed back multiple times, most recently to a Spring 2011 release date.  The reason behind this was that the phone was increasingly difficult to manufacture.  Perhaps the white iPhone was too shatter resistant?  Or perhaps it had something to do with them poisoning their factory workers. For those having severe feelings of depression over this incident, gather around your computer screens.  I’m going to ease your worries.  You can find white iPhone 4 covers that make your device look white.  You can even get a red one and look really cool.  I’m not quite sure why people get so geeked up over a different color phone.  Call me Ishmael - or indifferent. On the other side of the GSM street, T-Mobile is gearing up for an extremely busy next few weeks.  Set to hit stores are three different smartphones on multiple levels.  The LG Optimus T will be a $30 Android smartphone.  The Motorola DEFY is a rugged smartphone that will cost $100.  And then there is the top of the line HTC myTouch 4G, which will go for $200 on contract.  Naturally T-Mobile is already pimping out overpriced cell phone accessories for each model on their Facebook page.  Oh, and for those who are interested in such things, the LG Optimus T will come in two different colors right out of the gate, although neither one of them is white.  Maybe Ahab and Apple lovers are onto something.  Perhaps those white colored phones are so rare they are worth going crazy over.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium