Apple Laser Tag Patent Application = Awesome It’s not every day that an application for a patent by one of the major cell phone manufacturers gets us too excited here. Usually it’s a patent for some small variation on an already existing technology or a small design change that involves one extra screw going somewhere. What’s worse is that all these manufacturers are taking each other to court suing over patent infringement, and pretty much every time, the case gets dismissed. That all changed today. Apple has applied for a patent that actually is pretty sweet. I won’t get into the technical side of things, because it actually sounds boring on the surface, and you might stop reading. But essentially, Apple has applied for a patent that uses the GPS capabilities in your phone as an interactive gaming device. You can connect with other iPhone users and interact with them out in the open, and because of the GPS, you know where the other players are. The patent even describes being able to use your phone gun like controller. We’re talking Laser Tag with cell phones here people. This really does open up some pretty sweet possibilities when it comes to gaming. I can see it now. People will be using their Bluetooth headset to communicate with teammates on the battle field, developing strategies. People will be using portable iPhone chargers for marathon games. We might even see a national iPhone laser tag game where entire cities can join an ongoing game, last man standing wins Steve Jobs’ glasses. That would certainly make the commute to work interesting.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium