One of the biggest knocks against Apple is that there products are so much more expensive than their competitors. Those complaints haven't fallen on deaf ears. According to Apple's COO, Tim Cook, the company wants to be 'for everyone' not 'just for the rich'. In a recent interview, Cook revealed that cheaper iPhones were on the way and that Apple may even come out with no contract phones available on a pre paid basis. That would be great news for third party makers who are already making millions off of the popularity of the iPhone. If pricing makes Apple phones available to more of a mass market, then there are several companies who could reap a windfall of cash, not just Apple. Of course nothing concrete has been set, or a timeframe set for when we can expect to see these cheaper devices. But rumors have definitely been swirling the past month or so. It started with the rumor than an iPhone nano was on the way that was ½ the size of the current iPhone. Those rumors were quickly debunked, but clearly the electronics giant is looking towards more budget friendly phones in the future.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium