Perhaps it was consumer demand that is driving Apple's hardware manufacturers. Or perhaps it is the fact that a high school senior in New York bought a bunch of white iPhone 4 accessories, figured out how to assemble them, and has made a small fortune selling them that is driving Apple. Whatever the case may be, the white iPhone 4 is coming this Spring. We've heard all of this before from Apple. Their excuses thus far as to what the white iPhone 4 hasn't come out have been that manufacturing the devices has been a bit more difficult that they had anticipated. But then a 17-year-old kid managed to buy parts direct from Foxcon in China, and sold them online along with a kit on how to assemble the parts to make your own white iPhone. That didn't last too long as Apple is threatening to charge him with selling stolen property if he keeps on doing business. If you're anything like us, you're not quite sure why someone would go to such lengths to get a different color phone. And we're not the only ones who feel that way. But the fact remains that the white iPhone is one of the most talked about phones in the blogosphere. If I were you, I'd wait until this white beauty makes its way to Verizon. According to Consumer Reports, AT&T is the worst carrier in the US. Consumer Reports rated the 5 biggest carriers in 10 different categories, ranging from call quality to customer service product knowledge. AT&T finished dead last in all 10 categories. US Cellular, the smallest of the 5 carriers by a wide margin, scored the highest. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively with fairly even scores across the board.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium