Here are a few fun facts that I didn't know. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, they have about 10 minutes to live without medical attention. The average response time for 911 emergency calls is 7 minutes. Quick math tells me that first responders have about 180 seconds to assess the scene and administer CPR. That's an extremely small window. So small in fact, that the San Ramon Valley Fire Department has created an iPhone app that would enlist the help of good Samaritan citizens to help increase that window. Right now, the app is only available on the iPhone, but Android and Blackberry is in the works too. Also the app only works in San Ramon, although it may be expanded in the near future. Here's how it works. People who are certified in CPR can download the app. Once downloaded, they will receive text message alerts when someone calls in a cardiac arrest call to 911. The text also comes with an interactive map to show where the victim is. If they are close enough, individuals might be able to arrive on scene earlier than EMTs, and perhaps save lives. Odds are, if someone takes the time to download this app, they are likely to rush to action should the call come in. Check the video below for a demo of the app. The CPR part of the app kicks in around the 1:30 mark. iPhone Demo from Fire Department on Vimeo.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium