The king is dead.  Or at least he has a pretty pronounced limp and severe head wound.  Apple and Blackberry have dominated the Smartphone category head to head since the launch of the first iPhone.  But Android phones have taken over the top spot.  A study done by Nielsen’s shows that US consumers have been choosing Android phones at an incredible rate over the past year.  In January of last year Blackberry’s OS was on top with a 34% share of new US buyers.  The iPhone came in a close second with a 32% share.  Android was a distant third at 14%. Oh how times have changed.  Android now captures 32% of new US consumers, while Blackberry has plummeted to 25%.  The iPhone covers 26% of the new buyer market.  Nokia’s Symbian OS doesn’t even register on the study, which would explain why the Finnish company is launching a new OS called MeeGo and moving away from the unpopular Symbian OS. One of the main reasons for Android’s explosion is the sheer number of new phones that have flooded the market.  Manufacturers like HTC, Motorola and Samsung have led the charge.  The availability of unlocked cell phones and no contract cell phones compatible with prepaid carriers that also run on the Android OS have also helped contribute to the rise in popularity of the little green robot.  Don’t expect this trend to reverse course anytime soon.  Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 might cannibalize some sales, as the handsets for that platform are being made by the same manufacturers that are putting out Android based models.  It’s the sheer volume of manufacturers producing a variety of Android based phones available on multiple networks that has led to its rise to prominence.  The heir has claimed their place in the US and isn’t likely to relinquish the crown anytime soon.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium