While there isn't any definitive proof that cell phones cause health problems, it sure hasn't stopped the AMA from looking for that smoking gun. What we do know is that cell phones emit radiation. And radiation is bad for you. But how bad is it? The AMA did a recent study where they had people hold one phone up to one ear that was on, and a second one up to their other ear that was turned off. The side of the brain where the phone was on saw an increased build up of glucose. Studies have suggested that glucose can develop into cancer cells. Again, this isn't definitive proof, but it does beg an interesting question regarding potential cell phone accessories for hypochondriacs. For example, a lead cell phone helmet. Or maybe a cell phone case with a built in Geiger counter. When the Geiger counter reaches a certain level it automatically terminates the call. AT&T already randomly terminates calls, and they don't even have Geiger counters on their phones.