It is well documented that world regulatory commissions want a bit more standardization in the cellular world. Their biggest target is cell phone chargers. More specifically, they want the port which cell phone manufacturers use to plug in those chargers to be standardized. Apple is probably the most distinctly different 'offender' using a proprietary 30 pin port for their charging needs. But that is all going to change, really soon. Micro USB is the standard that has been chosen for cell phone chargers and that standard will be adopted by January of 2012 according to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. The question is, will the iPhone 5 be the last Apple phone to use the 30 pin port, or the first to make the switch to Micro USB? We'll find out in June. Another company, LG, already uses micro USB ports to charge their phones. But they have just introduced a new inductive wireless charging system that will make USB obsolete. Using technology similar to the popular PowerMat, LG is building their new phones with inductive charging coils built right into the battery doors, meaning you won't need to buy a special battery or case to make inductive charging possible.