On the same day that Acer confirmed that it is considering releasing a liquid metal handset in the US, the Taiwanese electronics giant confirmed that they are developing a Windows Phone 7 handset. As far as the liquid metal device is concerned, we're talking about a GSM device, which mean AT&T or T-Mobile are the potential destination carriers. This phone has already hit in France and is expecting to make its way across the English Chanel relatively soon. As far as specs are concerned, the Acer Liquid metal isn't going to be anything breakthrough. It's the curved stainless steel back that is the selling point on this phone. It really is nice to look at. The iPhone needs a chrome faceplate to look this good. As far as Windows Phone 7 is concerned, this has to be welcome news. A limited number of devices available in the US has in part led to less than stellar sales out of the gate. Adding a style conscious manufacturer to the current stable will only help Microsoft's slow sales. Although it's a bit early in the game for Microsoft to be passing judgment. It will be interesting to see if the Dell Venue Pro sales are better than the other devices thus far. The Dell Venue Pro, which is finally available for pre-orders on contract, is geared more towards the business market. If the Dell offering outperforms the more social networking centered handsets, it could serve as a good indication of what Microsoft's audience really is, even though they have actively tried to position themselves as an alternative to Android and Apple.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium