Move aside, Twitter and Facebook--Pinterest is the social media du jour. (If you aren't following us already, do so here!) From craft projects to fabulous outfit ideas, users everywhere go nuts pinning their favorite images and ideas on virtual pin boards. But as with most things at the Internet, some of these pinners go way overboard. Here's our roundup of the best in this week's Pinterest fails. Sure, it's important to pick a distinctive case to differentiate your iPhone from everyone else's. (That's why we offer a huge variety of them on !) But this case toes the line between zany and just plain inappropriate. Let's keep it PG, people.   We're all for innovative home decor techniques. But this walkway of glass shards does not exactly make for a conducive living environment...   You'll never look at a Snickerdoodle the same way again.   I've always wondered what to do with my collection of dirty old bras and I think I just found a winning solution.   Once again, themed-cookies are cool and all, but there's a fine line between fun and just plain gross.

All images via Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Which was your favorite Pinterest fail? Check back next Friday for our picks on the best Pinterest fails of the week!

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium