You have to appreciate a little creativity and ingenuity when it crosses your path, even when it is the ingenuity of a multibillion dollar corporation. Sprint has somehow managed to cash in on Applemania, most specifically the iPad, despite the fact that they aren’t a lessened carrier for any of Apples gadgets. How did they do this you ask? It’s pretty genius actually. Sprint sells this little device called the Overdrive, a pocket sized WiFi hotspot that can boost devices like the iPad up to 4G speeds. In order to push sales of this item, Sprint decided to start selling an iPad case packaged with the Overdrive. Its worked like a charm, meaning Sprint is making money off of a device they don’t even sell. Moving from the world of genius to the world of why, we give you the Table Connect. What is the table connect you ask? Well I’ll tell you. It is the world’s largest iPhone accessory. If that isn’t enough info for you, it is a 58” glass table that is actually a Capactive touch screen that you can hook your iPhone into. According to the experts, you need to jailbreak your phone before the Table Connect works, and no word on whether or not spilling your Fruity Pebbles on the touch screen would void the warranty. As impractical as this Table Connect is, there is no doubt that people will be throwing out their current kitchen table in favor of this monstrosity. A 58” display will definitely make it easier to text, but this isn’t exactly something we’d call practical. No pricing is available for the Table Connect, but odds are this bad boy won’t come cheap.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium