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Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (Verizon) Accessories
Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (Verizon)
Design Faceplates-Covers
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Our design faceplates and covers are just what you need to increase your Motorola Droid Razr Maxx's durability and appearance. We carry dozens of designs, so you can find a case that matches your own personal style. From cupcakes and blushing pandas to flaming skull heads camouflage, we've got it all. Our faceplates and covers are constructed from hard plastic and thermoplastic polymer, which makes them super durable. They'll easily absorb blows and impacts, and protect your device from complete and utter destruction. Shop now, find the perfect case, and enjoy free shipping on every order.
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Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (Verizon) Design Faceplates-Covers

What are the differences between Motorola Droid Razr Maxx cases, covers, and faceplates?

Silicone Cases
Silicone cases are the softest cases available. They are gummy and feel great to touch. Since they are malleable, they easily stretch, twist, snap, and retract. This allows them to be form fitting and snugly slip over your mobile device. Silicone cases are dust resistant and prevent dirt buildup. They'll keep your mobile device looking new for as long possible. And since silicone functions well in the heat, these cases will not become hot to the touch if your phone is left in the sun or car. Silicone cases come in all sorts of colors, designs, and shapes to match anyone's personality.

Faceplates are usually made from hard plastic and cover one side of your mobile device. They are easy to install, and most snap directly onto mobile devices. They offer more protection than silicone cases, but are not as soft. The hard plastic they are made of serves as a barrier that protects the phone from damage. Faceplates are often shaped in special ways to allow full access to a mobile device's buttons and ports. Faceplates are available in many colors and designs.

Hard Shell Covers
Hard shell covers are made from hard plastic. They are available as single piece models or as two piece models that snap together to connect. Hard shell covers offer more protection than faceplates and silicone cases. They are much more defensive and usually cover every corner of a mobile device. Wireless Emporium carries hard shell covers for many different phone models. Our covers are specifically designed to allow full access to their respective mobile devices' buttons, features, and ports. best of all, Wireless Emporium allows you to customize your own hard shell cover with your own original images and artwork.

Rubberized Hard Covers
Rubberized hard covers offer the same protection and features of traditional hard shell covers, but have undergone a special treatment process to give them a soft rubber-like texture. Rubberized hard covers are comfortable to touch, and usually protect every corner of a mobile device. They snap onto mobile devices for quick installation.

Rhinestone & Bling Cases
Rhinestone & bling cases are essentially hard shell covers loaded with decorative rhinestones. They are shiny, unique, and definitely stand out in a crowd. They snap onto mobile devices for quick installation.

Heavy-Duty Cases
Heavy-Duty cases provide the most protection against drops, scratches, and shock damage. They are strong, durable, and ideal for rougher environments. Heavy-Duty cases will sometime include features for additional functionality; such as kickstands and screen protectors. Heavy-Duty cases may snap directly onto a mobile device, or the mobile device may be inserted into the case for additional bulk and security.

Hybrid Cases
Hybrid cases are essentially heavy-duty cases with additional features for added functionality. Hybrid cases may be constructed by multiple layers, or a blend of different materials for added durability. Hybrid cases may include screen protectors, kickstands, and wallets. They are much bulkier than other cases, but offer a lot of protection.

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