Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 Premium Leather Vertical LeatherCase, Black

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Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 Premium Leather Vertical LeatherCase, Black
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  • High Quality Genuine Leather Pouch
  • Magnet Flap Closure
  • Metal Reinforced Belt Clip
  • Double Stitched for Extreme Durability
  • Custom Fit for Your Specific Model Phone
  • Dimensions: 4.22 (H) x 2.21 (W) x 0.72 (D) in.
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Customer Reviews 9

9 Item(s)

Leather pouch for Samsung A777
The pouch fit is just a little loose but does the job perfectly. Seems very secure on my belt. Thank You
Review by JC

Perfect fit
I bought this pouch to protect my emergency phone from damage. The phone fits perfectly. I was a bit concerned because the phone is a bit older. The pouch arrived sooner that expected and in great shape. The phone slipped right in has been great. The leather is thick enough to ward off most blows that it encounters in the glove box. I have purchased other items from Wireless and they came through again.
Review by dbattles54

Review of phone holster
Well pleased with merchandise - fast shipment and exactly as advertised..
Review by Loanarrange

Excellent service
Like the product.
Review by Dave

phone case
It was as described.Nice soft interior and nice leather outer shell.I highly recommend this case.
Review by Spock

"Holster" for LG GS 170
Received this item quickly and the appearance was excellent. Unfortunately the fit was too tight to make easy removal and replacement of the phone so I decided to return it. Got a full refund with no hassle, so no complaint. Too bad about the fit since the pouch was very attractive.
Review by Stan

Pouch too small for phone size
This is avery good product. However, My E815 Motorola Cell phone is using a large size battery and cover which will not fit into the pouch.
Review by Milton

Nicely constructed phone pouch
I was looking for a case for my new Gusto, seeking something that would be protective, allow easy access, would hold on firmly to a purse of waist pack and could swivel. Having previously purchased cases that would cover the clamshell style phone in two parts, with an attached quick release swivel clip, allowing the user to release and answer the phone while still in the case, I was wary of moving away from this style of protection. However, I have found this pouch to be quite acceptable. It is well made, attractive, has a sturdy swivel clip and secure magnetic closure and enables me to easily slide the phone out of the case as needed. My only reservation is that I need to remove the phone from the case to charge it.
Review by Laura

leather pouch
A great product worth the money
Review by Sam

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Product Questions

I understand this case has a "clip" but are there slots for your belt to go through belt loops??? That is what I am really looking for. Too much grab and run theft with "clips". Belts loops on this product as well???

Thank you,
will Pantech?breeze 11 fit in this case?
Will you be getting any more of these in stock in the near future?
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Premium quality vertical genuine leather case for your Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 Cell Phone - Constructed with durable, high quality leather with steel reinforced swivel belt clip, this case is ideal for the style conscious on the go. Equipped with magnetic locking cover, its guaranteed to be one of the most durable case available on the market today!

*Specifically designed to fit Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 's unique shape - A Perfect Fit Guaranteed!

Buy this stylish horizontal case today and we'll ship it to your home or business for FREE! With every purchase at Wireless Emporium your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. ORDER NOW!

Technical Specs

Additional Information

Deals: N/A
Product Type: Vertical Cases & Pouches
Event: N/A
Material: leather
Graphics: solid
Pattern Type: No
Texture: Yes
Texture Name: Leather Feel
Finish: matte
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: No
Color Type: Matte
Fashion Item: No
Feature(s)/Function(s): magnetic closure
Height: 4.22
Width: 2.21
Depth: 0.72
Weight: 3.0000
Form Factor Case Radio: vertical
OEM Manufacturer: No
Belt Clip: Yes
Holster: No
Kickstand/Stand: No
Screen Protector Inlcuded: No
Water Proof: No
Battery Phone Case: No
LED Charge Indicator: No
LED Color: No
QWERTY Keyboard: No
Bluetooth Version: No
Rechargeable Battery: No
Includes Charger: No
Current Type: No
mAh: N/A
RoHS Certified: No
CE Certified: No
FCC Certified: No
UL Certified: No
UPC: 846477094469
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