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 Galaxy S4 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Get all the top accessories for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S4! The 5-inch screen deserves the best protection you can get, which is why one of our screen protectors is the perfect choice to outfit that S4 screen. The phone might feature a more powerful battery, but on-the-go users find that car chargers and travel chargers are useful tools for their S4. Accessorize your S4 with a cool case or premium pouch. Shop today at Wireless Emporium!


Need 6" pouch for Sunsamg galaxy 4 with a power juice attached ?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-11-27
1 Answer
Answer  We unfortunately do not have a Samsung Galaxy S4 pouch with power juice attached. i have included a link to the pouches that are available for the new Samsung Galaxy: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-9-sm-1523-sc-7-samsung-galaxy-s4-cases-and-pouches.html   
Is their a connector for a docking system for Iphone 4s?
Asked by Thomas Kanary  |  2013-11-19
1 Answer
Answer  I have included a link to the chargers and docking systems available your iPhone 4S: http://www.wirelessemporium.com/sb-17-sm-1267-scd-1120-desktop-cradles-docks-apple-iphone-4s   
im looking for a backup battery case cover charger for samsung galaxy S4 SGH1337 is there any available item for this? tnx...
Asked by bob pasion  |  2013-09-13
1 Answer
Answer  We are glad to help you locate a backup battery cover for your Samsung Galaxy S4. I have included a link to battery cases and replacement batteries for your Galaxy phone: http://www.wirelessemporium.com/sb-9-sm-1523-scd-1090-replacement-and-extended-batteries-samsung-galaxy-s4   
I'm trying to buy a S-view flip case for my galaxy 4 in here and want to know if this product is legitimately manufactured by Samsung. Is it? or some knock off product?
Asked by David Park  |  2013-08-28
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about the Samsung Galaxy S4. The S-View flip covers for your new Samsung Galaxy phone are manufactured through a wide variety of vendors rather than Samsung. I have included a link to these protective covers to better assist you:http://www.wirelessemporium.com/sb-9-sm-1523-scd-1180-sleeves-portfolios-samsung-galaxy-s4.   
Do they make a college cell phone cover for a Samsung Galaxy S4? Looking for University of Kentucky. I found it for a Samsung S3.
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-08-18
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about the Samsung Galaxy S4. We do have several covers for your new Samsung Galaxy. I have included a link to these faceplates to better assist you: http://www.wirelessemporium.com/sb-9-sm-1523-sc-3-cell-phones-Covers---Faceplates-Samsung-Galaxy-S4   
do they make a floating case for galaxy 4?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-08-09
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about the Galaxy S4. We actually carry several cases for this Samsung Galaxy. Would you be able to clarify the floating case that you were referring to? I have included a link to all protective covers for the Galaxy S4 to better assist you: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-9-sm-1523-sc-3-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Covers---Gel-Skins.html   
Can i order parts for my Galaxy ?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-08-01
1 Answer
Answer  We appreciate your interest in the Galaxy S4. We certainly have several accessories for your Samsung Galaxy. I have included a link to these items to better assist you: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/m-1523-samsung-galaxy-s4-cell-phone-accessories.html   
whats the size of the Galaxy S 4 screen?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-06-29
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about the Samsung Galaxy S4. The screen for the new Galaxy is 53'' diagonally.   
Do you have a used Samsung galaxy 3, whats the price?
Asked by Silas Cheboi  |  2013-06-16
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about the Samsung Galaxy S3. We currently do not have the Galaxy S3 for sale, but are adding new products all the time.   
do you have a sumsang galaxy 4 which is used?
Asked by Silas Cheboi  |  2013-06-16
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for inquiring about the Galaxy S4 . We currently do not have a Galaxy S4 for sale because this Galaxy is very new. We are updating our products all the time and I would recommend contacting us back next month.   
The Samsung Galaxy series continues to grow with the newly launched Galaxy S4. Samsung's latest smartphone features some impressive updates to the wildly popular Galaxy S3. Some new features include a larger screen, a more lightweight feel and new software improvements. New Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories have been added to our store to ensure that your smartphone stays in mint condition, no matter what!

Dimensions: 5.46 X 2.75 X 0.31 inches
Screen: The S4's screen resolution will be 1920 X 1080 and super AMOLED. It will feature a 5" screen, not a huge upgrade from the 4.8" screen on the S3.
Weight: The S4 is a relatively lightweight phone for its size, weighing in at 130g.
Memory: One of the first Samsung phones to come with 2GB of RAM.
Storage: It will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options but will also include a micro SD card slot for expanded storage options.
Connectivity: It will come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and NFC capabilities.
Battery: The new S4 will feature a 2600mAh battery.
Camera: The Galaxy S4 has an upgraded 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel forward-facing camera.
Colors: Available in Black Mist and White Frost.
Software: The Galaxy S4 will be running the most current version of Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). It features some cool new features such as Smart Scroll, Air View, Air Gesture, S Health, Group Play, S Translator and Smart Pause.
Release Date: No specific date announced yet, but is expected to hit stores in April 2013.
Price: No price structure yet, but expected to follow the S3's initial prices.
Carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.
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