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Wireless Emporium, Inc. Named to Orange County Business Journal''''''''''''''''s List of ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Fastest Growing Private Companies''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Online Wireless Accessory Merchant ranks #13 amongst private companies in Orange County, CA

Orange, CA – Monday, October 01, 2007 – Wireless Emporium, Inc., a leading Internet retailer of cell phone accessories, announces its recognition as one of Orange County''''''''s fastest growing private organizations, attaining an increase in excess of 200% in gross sales, and a 239% increase in net operating margin during the period 2004-2006.

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''This milestone is a testament to the many hours and sleepless nights we incurred during our startup phase finally beginning to bear fruit, and to the great people in our organization that helped make this happen,'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' said Tony Lee, Co-Founder and VP Sales & Merchandising for Wireless Emporium. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''We believe we are in the perfect industry and are well-positioned to grow our leadership position in both our business vertical and the community in which we work and live,'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' he said.

The cell phone accessory industry, already valued at well over a billion dollars, is set to grow at an average clip of over 10% per year. The introduction of new phone handsets from competing manufacturers into an already crowded marketplace creates a need for phone accessories customized for each unique model. The usage of accessory items as both enhancements in the case of extended cell phone batteries, bluetooth headsets, and protective covers, and now even more so as personalization items such as cell phone faceplates and charms, should continue to help foster the growth of companies such as Wireless Emporium.

Eugene Ku, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing states that, ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Taking advantage of a growing mass-market trend and utilizing the intrinsic advantages of conducting commerce over the Internet, namely measureable and cost-effective advertising, along with an ever-growing online shopping consumer base enables us to leverage our proprietary growth model to the fullest.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' He goes on to say, ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''We believe this is just the beginning stages of our establishment as a dominant brand not only in wireless accessories, but Internet retail in general.''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

About Wireless Emporium, Inc.
Established in 2001, Wireless Emporium, Inc. is a recognized leader in the cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phones market supplying over 30,000 manufacturer-direct products to consumers, businesses, education and government institutions through a portfolio of leading E-Commerce web sites. Their manufacturer-direct product line includes cell phone covers, chargers, batteries, cases and faceplates, screen protectors, bluetooth headsets, data connectivity products and unlocked cell phones at discount prices. The company backs every order with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, extended manufacturer warranties and free first class shipping, policies which have set them apart from other online retailers and helped earn over 1 million loyal customers in the US and Canada.

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