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WirelessEmporium.com Sales Continue To Rise In 2nd Quarter
Bluetooth, Motorola Razr Accessories, and Smart Phone Accessories lead sales

Orange, CA – Wednesday, July 19, 2006 – While overall nationwide retail sales slipped in June 2006, sales atWirelessemporium.com, Inc., a leading Internet wireless and cellular phone accessory merchant, remained brisk and topped those of June 2005 by 53 percent and sales for the 2nd quarter increased an astounding 98 percent over the 2nd quarter, 2005.

''''''''We''''''''re on target to double our gross sales this year,'''''''' said Tony Lee, VP of Sales and Merchandising. ''''''''With the introduction of so many popular phones such as the Motorola V3 Razr, new PalmOne TREOs and other smartphone models, this has been an especially hot time for the cell phone accessories market,'''''''' said Lee. ''''''''We''''''''ve been able to continue double-digit growth, because we continually strive to provide the largest selection of accessories and the best customer experience possible.''''''''

Wirelessemporium.com concentrates strictly on online sales. They do not sell via catalogs or brick and mortar stores. ''''''''We satisfy the demand for quality accessories and fast service including free shipping'''''''' said Lee. Our company essentially takes away the need for a customer to pay higher prices in a local store,'''''''' said Lee.

''''''''If you''''''''re buying fast food, local is good,'''''''' said Lee, but if you''''''''re purchasing wireless accessories, you''''''''re faced with driving to a store, choosing from a limited selection and paying a significantly higher price. Smart shoppers just don''''''''t do that unless they need something right away, like in the next hour,'''''''' he said.

''''''''I''''''''m very pleased with our sales in the first half of 2006 as we''''''''re seeing sales increases each month in Bluetooth, cases and chargers,'''''''' he added. ''''''''Bluetooth is becoming a very popular feature with newer model phones. Since mid 2005 bluetooth enabled mobile phones have doubled in sales, driving strong demand for Bluetooth accessories.''''''''

Lee who once owned a chain of successful retail cell phone accessory stores in California, believes that an Internet based wireless accessory business has significant advantages over brick and mortar brands. ''''''''Heavy users of wireless accessories are also heavy users of the Internet. ''''''''We''''''''re where they are and offer the products they want at direct-to-consumer prices they can''''''''t find in the stores,'''''''' said Lee.

About Wireless Emporium, Inc.
Established in 2001, Wireless Emporium, Inc. is a recognized leader in the cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phones market supplying over 30,000 manufacturer-direct products to consumers, businesses, education and government institutions through a portfolio of leading E-Commerce web sites. Their manufacturer-direct product line includes cell phone covers, chargers, batteries, cases and faceplates, screen protectors, bluetooth headsets, data connectivity products and unlocked cell phones at discount prices. The company backs every order with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, extended manufacturer warranties and free first class shipping, policies which have set them apart from other online retailers and helped earn over 1 million loyal customers in the US and Canada.

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