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Motorola Droid 3 Full Bling Purple Heart Medley Snap-On Protector Case Faceplate

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Retail Price: $27.99
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  • Easy snap-on assembly requires no additional tools
  • Openings for all ports
  • Protect against scratches and dirt
  • Durable build stands up to regular wear and tear
  • Constructed out of the strongest ABS plastic
  • Light and sturdy design
  • Crystal covered full bling case
  • Snap on and off in seconds
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Product Overview
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Being fabulous can make it difficult to accessorize: It's hard to find the perfect products to make a pure statement of your personality.

Good thing WirelessEmporium.com is here with the Motorola Droid 3 Full Bling Purple Heart Medley.

Professional Design
Made from artist-inspired designs, our Motorola Droid 3 Full Bling Purple Heart Medley will have your device protected and looking fancy with our beautiful patterns.

High-Quality Inlay
A common problem for products that have rhinestones can be the inlay. Finding pieces of your bling coming loose and falling off is a big no-no for us. We like our rhinestone covers gleaming day and night without a loose piece in sight, thank you very much. Thankfully the inlay on our Motorola Droid 3 Full Bling Purple Heart Medley is painstakingly done to ensure that none of your precious gems come loose.

Light-Weight, Not Bulky & Dependable
We know protection is the best insurance for keeping your phone running smooth all day, so all our cases are made of a durable, industrial-grade plastic body, giving high quality protection without the added bulk or weight. Once it'sinstalled, the Full Bling Purple Heart Medley is ready to absorb the shocks and rattles that your phone might see in a busy day.

Simple is Best
The world's already complicated enough, and the Full Bling Purple Heart Medley is here to simplify a small bit of it. Made to instantly fit your phone, installation is simple: snap-on, and watch those heads turn!

Unprecedented Warranty
As with most of our product, the Motorola Droid 3 Full Bling Purple Heart Medley comes with WirelessEmporium.com's industry-leading warranty. With 90-Days to Return your product and a full 1-Year Warranty, you won't have to worry about keeping your phone looking great and protected.

Motorola Droid 3 Full Bling Purple Heart Medley Snap-On Protector Case Faceplate

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