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PureGear 2.1 Amp Rubberized Car Charger w/Charge-Sync Data Cable for Apple iPod Touch

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  • PureGear 2.1 Amp Car Charger
  • Manufacturer Part No.: 88271VRP
  • Compatible with the Apple iPod Touch
  • Easily plugs into any vehicle cigarette lighter power adapter or 12-volt power port
  • Provides virtually unlimited in-vehicle use
  • Fully charges device in less then 2 hours
  • Includes Charge-Sync data cable
  • Stylish, matte finish
  • Output: 10 watts (5V-2.1A/2100mAh)
  • Color: Black
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PureGear 2.1 Amp Rubberized Car Charger w/Charge-Sync Data Cable for Apple iPod Touch (Power Collection)

Charge your Apple iPod Touch with this blazingly fast 2.1 Amp premium PureGear car charger. Designed to appeal towards the sophisticated and stylish sense of thought, this PureGear charger is coated with a smooth rubberized surface giving you a premium feel while also providing your car with a very sleek and very functional mobile accessory. Equipped with a LED bar on the end of the charger, and accented with a stylish honeycomb style design, indicates to users when the charger is fueling your Apple iPod Touch. Allow passengers to watch movies, view images, or play games without having to worry about depleting the battery. Also comes with Charge-Sync cable to plug your Apple product into the PureGear charger or for use in any USB compatible port. Fully charges your Apple iPod Touch in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Output: 10 Watts (5V-2.1A/2100mAh)

Operating Instructions: Insert charger into vehicle's power port after the vehicle has been started. Plug the connector into your Apple iPod Touch power port to initiate charging. Always unplug your vehicle charger while not in use and before leaving the vehicle. Do not charge in excess of 24 hours.

PureGear 2.1 Amp Rubberized Car Charger w/Charge-Sync Data Cable for Apple iPod Touch

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Is this phone compatible with the 4S Iphone and do you need to remove otterbox to use?
Asked by Don Evans  |  2012-12-28
1 Answer
Answer  This product is compatible with the iPhone 4S. One end of the data cable plugs into the car charger adaptor, and the other plugs into the power port on the phone, so you should not have to remove your Otterbox case since you have access to all ports on your phone.   
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