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Samsung Galaxy Precedent M828c/Prevail M820 Full Bling Flowers w/Hot Pink & Light Pink Pedals Snap-On Protector Case Faceplate

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  • Easy snap-on assembly requires no additional tools
  • Openings for all ports
  • Protect against scratches and dirt
  • Durable build stands up to regular wear and tear
  • Constructed out of the strongest ABS plastic
  • Light and sturdy design
  • Crystal covered full bling case
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Full Bling Snap-On Faceplate for Samsung Galaxy Precedent M828c/Prevail M820

*This is How I Shine!
Give your Samsung Galaxy Precedent M828c/Prevail M820 a bling bling style! Keep your looks shining when you walk down the street with this new stylish crystal case. Impress your friends and family at parties when you bust out your cell phone with amazing bling wrapped around it.

*Styling With Protection!
With incredible looks it also brings protection. This hard protector case will keep your Samsung Galaxy Precedent M828c/Prevail M820 from those horrible scratches, damages, and dust that take away the stylish look of your phone. So simply install your case by a snap and you're done. No screws, tools or any of that to put your jeweled case together. So keep your device covered with some bling and you will be styling with protection.

*Keeping it Perfect!
Hate it when you pull out your phone from your pocket with change, keys, and any other hard sharp objects that tear up your phone. Well keep your screen from getting scratches and scrapes. Make sure you pick up our Samsung Galaxy Precedent M828c/Prevail M820 Screen Protector! The protection film will have a perfect fit for your device display. It's easy to apply and remove and will not disrupt the touch screen function of your phone. Simply find the protector film of your choice from our extensive selection!

Samsung Galaxy Precedent M828c/Prevail M820 Full Bling Flowers w/Hot Pink & Light Pink Pedals Snap-On Protector Case Faceplate

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