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Vertical Leather Pouch for Motorola Photon 4G MB855 / Electrify (Black)

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  • Vertical Leather Pouch
  • Designed for Motorola Photon 4G MB855 / Electrify
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Magnetic flap closure system
  • Soft-lined interior
  • Steel reinforced belt clip
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 5.27 (H) x 2.74 (W) x 0.66 (D) in.
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  • 90-Day No-Hassle Returns
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Product Overview
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Vertical Leather Pouch for Motorola Photon 4G MB855 / Electrify (Black) - Ideal for the style conscious on the go! Guaranteed to be one of the most durable cases available on the market today! A perfect fit! Size: 5.27 (H) x 2.74 (W) x 0.66 (D) inches.

Vertical Leather Pouch for Motorola Photon 4G MB855 / Electrify (Black)

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40 out of 41 reviewers would recommend this.
Will this case accommodate theotterbox defender case?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-10-19
1 Answer
Answer  This Vertical Leather Pouch for Samsung Galaxy Express LTE SGH-i437 would not be able to accommodate the Samsung Galaxy along with Otterbox defender cover due to the increase in size. We unfortunately do not have a case large enough to accommodate the Otterbox and your Samsung Cell Phone.   
Will this work for my Nokia Lumia 710 with a BodyGardZ Armor Full Body film on it?
Asked by Gabriel Scott  |  2013-02-06
1 Answer
Answer  The Vertical Leather Pouch for Nokia Lumia 710 is not equipped to accommodate the Lumia with BodyGardZ Armor Full Body film . Due to increase in size we unfortunately do not carry cases for this Nokia cell phone with heavy duty protective cover.   
Will this case accomodate my LG Spectrum with an extended life battery and deeper back cover? The battery adds about 1/4 inch in thickness to the phone. Thanks!
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-02-02
12 Answers
View all answers
Answer  The Vertical Leather Pouch for LG Spectrum VS920 (Black) is not equipped to accommodate the LG Spectrum with extended life battery. Due to increase in size we unfortunately do not carry cases for the spectrum by lg with extended battery   
Will this case work with any kind of protective skin on the phone?
Asked by S H  |  2013-01-05
1 Answer
Answer  Unfortunately, this case is not designed to accommodate the phone and a case due to it's size. I have included a link to a case that will hold a thin case and phone: http://www.wirelessemporium.com/p-141719-oversized-signature-hand-crafted-vertical-leather-case-for-sony-xperia-ion-4g-lte-att-   
Will this case work with iphone5 while using the metal cases from prodigee?
Asked by Joel Wensmann  |  2012-10-16
2 Answers
View all answers
Answer  I don't have a prodigy metal case so I can't definitively answer. but with the thin plastic case that I do have the pouch has plenty of extra room.   
Does this fit the iPhone 5? What about access for the new location for the headphone jack?
Asked by Jeffery Keim  |  2012-10-08
3 Answers
View all answers
Answer  Yes it fits the IPhone 5 even with a bumper on it   
Will the top of the case close correctly when the head phone is plugged in?
Asked by Allison Smith  |  2012-09-02
1 Answer
Answer  No, the flap covers the hole by about 1/4". I suppose you could cut a small notch in the flap, as that would still leave about 1" of material... The case is really nice. I wasn't disappointed. Use it every day. Phone has never accidentally fallen out. David   
Is there any problem with the magetic closure activating the dock mode on the Droid X? I have a holster now that causes this problem.
Asked by Tasha Jenkins  |  2012-08-20
3 Answers
View all answers
Answer  Yes, I had the very same problem. I even contacted Verizon about it and they said they couldn't assist me with a solution. However, since I had been a customer of theirs for such a long time, they did give me a $50 credit and I used it to purchase a case from them that did work.   
Is the clip designed with a hook at the bottom so it doesn't easily slip off of my belt?
Asked by Jeff Nagel  |  2012-08-09
5 Answers
View all answers
Answer  Not a hook but a very strong clasp! It's never come off.   
Can this pouch accomodate my HTC 1 x with a faceplate on the phone? Also what is the inside made of?? Phelp? leather? vinyl?? I am worried of scratches on the phone with it. Please advise. Thanks.
Asked by Lisa S  |  2012-07-15
1 Answer
Answer  The pouch is great and the inside is also leather, the only draw back is sense the faceplate is bigger it will fit a little tight until you use it for a while also the strap won't work. I always tuck the strap in between the case and the phone.   
This case claims compatibility with Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515. Has that actually been tried? I measure the phone at about 5.32 inches yet the case dimension is 5.12 inches tall.
Asked by Robert Kincaid  |  2012-05-11
1 Answer
Answer  We have tested this pouch and yes, it does fit the nexus.   
Does the belt clip rotate?
Asked by Ian Dunn  |  2011-10-08
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for your inquiry. Yes this belt clip rotates in to the left and to the right. This clip does not rotate 360 degrees but will rotate to allow the pouch to be in a horizontal position. Should you have any further questions please contact us at service@wirelessemporium.com   
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