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Motorola Droid X MB810/Milestone X MB809 Rubberized Flora & Butterflies on Green Snap-On Protector Case Faceplate

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  • Tools? No Tools! Simple snap-on installation!
  • Laser Cut - opening for all ports
  • Design: Rubberized Flora & Butterflies on Green other styles available
  • Lightweight design - no need for bulky pouches
  • Very quick installation - in seconds!
  • Protect against scratches, dirt, and shock damage
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • High quality Matte Finish
  • Front & back - two piece construction
  • 90 Day No-Hassle Guarantee
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Rubberized Flora & Butterflies on Green Snap-On Faceplate for Motorola Droid X MB810/Milestone X MB809

*Personalize Your Droid X MB810/Milestone X MB809!
Express your individuality to the world! Don't leave your personal accessory bare and naked, vulnerable to all the evil damage monsters that are waiting for you to drop your phone or leave some kind of permanent scratch causing your phone to look horrificly undesireable. Instead, give your Droid X MB810/Milestone X MB809 a full body protection while adding some personal flair! Like the infamous boss in that one movie about office spaces, the more flair you've got, the more business and attention you'll receive! Get a personalized faceplate for your Droid X MB810/Milestone X MB809 today!

*Say Goodbye to Scratches!
Designed to be unique, but built to be tough, these snap-on cases are built out of the toughest ABS plastic ensuring you that your phone will be safe from any and all scratches, dust, and some shock damage as well. We know what it feels like to drop a brand new phone and the suffering you go through afterwards realizing that your phone isn't 100% anymore, so avoid all of this potential trauma and get a protective faceplate that not only looks good, but it very effective as well.

Still need some more convincing on the amount of protection this case offers? Watch our exclusive video on the varied levels of protection different kinds of faceplates offer here

*Save That Giant Beautiful Screen!
While our video does vouch for the amount of protection our cases offer, what about some protection for your screen? Don't risk getting a dreadful scratch that's permanent and can cause your phone's precious screen to lose pixels, and grab one of our laser cut screen protectors for your Droid X MB810/Milestone X MB809! Custom fit for your phone, these screen protectors are: very easy to install, offer the best amount of protection from scratches and dust instrusion, and best of all, are priced competitively giving you the best discount on a very reliable screen guard!

Motorola Droid X MB810/Milestone X MB809 Rubberized Flora & Butterflies on Green Snap-On Protector Case Faceplate

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