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Allkit Universal Smartphone Hands-Free Car Kit/FM Transmitter w/USB

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  • Universal fit for mobile phones, smart phones, PDA and MP3/MP4 devices
  • Allows sound to be enabled through car speakers
  • Use any FM station from 88.1-107.9MHz
  • USB output socket allows for charging
  • Gripped Feet on clamps secure phone
  • Goose neck engineering for viewing pleasure
  • Enclosed with an auxiliary cable!
  • Input: DC 12V (vehicle power)
  • USB Output: 5V 1A max
  • Flexible clamps keep device securely in place
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Allkit Universal Smartphone Hands-Free Car Kit/FM Transmitter w/USB Port

Plug this into your 12v port in your car and enjoy hands free access to your smart phone or media device, and concentrate on driving and making the road safer for everyone! For more info & pics, scroll down:

Drive w/Both Hands!

Don't fiddle with your phone while you're driving! Not only is it not safe, it's also very troublesome for drivers behind you when you're texting your friend and going 20 mph on a 50 mph lane. With this hands free mount, you can talk and use talk-to-text apps while driving and avoid those costly cell phone tickets, while also making the road a better and efficient place for our vehicles.

Goose Neck Flexibility

Designed with a goose neck shaft, this universal mount will bend, twist, and mold to your viewing pleasure! With it's triple coated outer layer, the lining will never cause the mount to straighten out or be pulled down from gravity! Convenience, at it's finest!

FM Transmitter

Constructed to be used as a FM transmitter, this mount has a LCD screen on top that lets you select specific radio frequencies from 88.1 - 107.9MHz to bring you the best quality sound from your smart phone/media device. Match the frequency on your car radio and be amazed by it's ability to transmit sound from your mobile device to your vehicle's speakers!

Charge your device!

Built on the bottom of the mount, is an open USB port that lets you charge your mobile device once mounted. This convenient features lets you play music or sound as loud as you'd like on your phone without having to worry about conserving battery! In fact, you'd be charging your battery plugging it in while blasting music! Rock on!

Universal Fit

With it's extendable arms, this mount will fit any cell phone or media device that measures 38mm to 63.5mm in width! Need to go in and out of your car? Not a problem, this mount also features a quick release button that will immediately slide open the arms once pressed.

Audio Jack Inputs (Cord Included)

Conveniently included in the packaging, is an audio cable that lets you plug your phones headset into the mount's audio-in port. Everything comes enclosed and no other purchase is necessary to fully utilize this accessory!

Allkit Universal Smartphone Hands-Free Car Kit/FM Transmitter w/USB

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have there been any improvements on the instructions for this. From what I read no one can get it to work. Would like to know before I buy
Asked by Mary J Erio, PE, CIH  |  2011-05-19
3 Answers
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Answer  I did buy this product on March 31. The are no useful instructions, but I figured it out. Once I figured it out and got it working, it worked perfectly for about 2 weeks. After that, it broke in a weird spot that was no fault of mine. This was an awful experience. The key to using it is, once you have screwed it in to work, you cannot move it that often. the prongs for the cigarette lighter broke. I liked it so much, i was thinking about getting another one, however I did not want to throw away anymore money. So to sum this up. I figured out how to make it work and stay, but I often un-tightened it when I was parking in public places. This device is not made for that. The only reason I didnt try to return it was because, I misplaced my receivpt and I was too lazy to look for it. It is worth the value, but if you have to constantly adjust it, dont waste your money. Now I want another one... :)   
how do you get it to work?
Asked by Rick crawford  |  2011-04-06
2 Answers
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Answer  Like-wise.   
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