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White Hello Kitty Decoden Bling Kit

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  • Embrace your inner fashionista
  • Design your own case
  • Rhinestones and charms
  • Hello Kitty, butterflies, roses, bows, pearls, and jewel shaped charms
  • Create your own collage of creativity and beauty
  • Free shipping
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Want to be a DIY Diva? Why purchase just any case when you can make your own decoden phone case? Embrace your imagination to create a shiny, chic, and ultra unique case unlike any other. All it takes is a little bit of glue, your inner fashionista's artistic eye, and this fabulous bling kit.

Decoden is a fun and quirky trend from Japan. The term “deco” means decorate. And the term “den” is short for “denwa”, which means “phone”. So decoden means “decorate your phone”.

Decoden phone cases are creative ways to express yourself. And this bling set provides a ton of beautiful decorations that you can use to flaunt your fun and fashionable personality. The set includes 3-5mm rhinestones and glossy charms. They come in all sorts of shapes including, bows, roses, gems, and Hello Kitty.

You can attach the rhinestones and charms to any hard plastic phones case. Simply apply glue to the flat back of any decoration, press it to the case, and allow the glue to dry. We recommend using tweezers to hold your rhinestones and charms, and gluing the pieces from largest to smallest. This will allow you to arrange the charms into a beautiful collage. Feel free to make it as simple or complicated as you like. And since no two decoden cases are alike, you can take pride in your creation as a symbol of your own style.

We carry a variety of decoden bling kits that you can mix and match. Purchase multiple packs for over-the-top creations.

White Hello Kitty Decoden Bling Kit

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