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Universal Spare Battery Charger w/USB Port and LCD Screen

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  • Universal battery slot compatible with most phone batteries
  • Durable & easy to use
  • USB charge port allow charging phones simultaneously
  • Foldable wall plug
  • Side USB input for optional charging option
  • Strong frame and extra-durable plastic framing
  • Easy to store
  • Clean, hassle-free minimalistic design
  • LCD Indicator screen
  • Full 1-Year Warranty
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Product Overview
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The Universal Spare Battery Charger shapes to fit almost any battery size and model. Its universal design will also let the charger fit future models. Plug the Spare Battery charger to a wall outlet or by usb and charge your phone in minutes! The LCD indicator screen will tell you just how much charge your battery has left and will let you know when it is completed charging and shut itself off to avoid overcharging. It can also be used as a 1250mAh USB charger to charge your phone directly!

Universal Spare Battery Charger w/USB Port and LCD Screen

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is the light suppose to be flashing when charging or just a solid green light? I just got it and it took awhile to figure it because no directions come with it. The light scrolled at first but after I took the battery out to use it and put it back on the charger it is just a solid green light and the battery is dead. I cannot get it to scroll anymore.
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-05-18
1 Answer
Answer  The Universal Spare Battery Charger w/USB Port and LCD Screen will be a solid green when charging the percentage bars will flash as the battery is charging. As the battery comes to a complete charge the bars will stop flashing and it will read 100% charged. Please make sure to line up the prongs with the +/- signs on the gold plates of the battery.   
How wide can the battery be? Mine, for LG Thrill P625 is over 2-1/8 inches wide.
Asked by Jim Woodbrey  |  2013-08-17
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about the Universal Spare Battery Charger w/USB Port and LCD Screen. This product is universally compatible with any size battery including your LG Thrill.   
While the details state "universal", I have some concern. The cell phone battery I would like to charge is a 3.7V lithium ion, and the charger output indicates 4.2V. Will this be a problem?
Asked by Jim Amling  |  2013-07-09
1 Answer
Answer  We appreciate your interest in the Universal Spare Battery Charger w/USB Port and LCD Screen. This external battery charger is compatible with all models of phone despite the output of 4.2 V. May I ask your model of phone so that I can provide additional information.   
Reply  The "model" of my phone should be irrelevant. The "model" of my phone battery is SAMSUNG AB663450GZ / 1300maH / 3.7V Li-ion BATTERY. And, if you need the information for some sort of chart that you have that HAS to be indexed on the phone model, my phone is a SAMSUNG Convoy II / Model 660. Regardless, I have already purchased the battery charger and it seems to be working fine for charging the battery. Thanks.   
How long does a charge take?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-06-15
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about our Universal Spare Battery Charger w/USB Port and LCD Screen . The duration of charging time is dependent on the model of phone that you are using. Typically charging time would be between 2-3 hours.   
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