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Universal Spare Battery Charger w/LCD Display (White w/Black Trim)

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  • Fits & works with all types of phone batteries
  • Durable, modular-fit body
  • A safe way to charge your extra battery
  • LCD display indicates battery level
  • Foldable wall input
  • Strong frame and extra-durable plastic framing
  • Easy to store
  • Clean, hassle-free minimalistic design
  • Full 1-Year Warranty
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Product Overview
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Skip the gimmicks and go for the best solution with the Universal Spare Battery Charger. This durable universal charger offers it all: portability, minimalistic design, versatile features and a rugged body all in one little device.

Made to work with all types of phones, the Universal Spare Battery Charger's design is simple: match the pins to your battery and charge through a wall outlet. Wall input folds-in for easy storage and transportation.

Output: 4.2V DC 500 mAh

Universal Spare Battery Charger w/LCD Display (White w/Black Trim)

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Please provide polarity information for charger?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-06-01
3 Answers
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Answer  Thank you for your interest in the Universal Spare Battery Charger w/LCD Display (White w/Black Trim). On the actual battery there should be a plus and minus sign. Move the moveable connection points so one fits in the minus sign and one fits in the plus sign. With out the item plugged into the wall the light should turn red indicating you placed the pins correctly. Then when you plug it into the wall, it should turn blue, then when the item is fully charged, it should turn red again.   
Does battery polarity matter? The charging posts are not marked + or -.
Asked by Doug Cooper  |  2013-03-29
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for asking about the Universal Spare Battery Charger w/LCD Display (White w/Black Trim). This item is dependent upon polarity and you would utilize the positive and negative indicators to successfully charge the battery.   
Reply  My battery is marked to show the + and - terminals. I do not see any mark on the charger to indicate which post is + and which is -.   
Will a extended battery fit and charge in it?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-03-19
2 Answers
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Answer  Thank you for asking about the Universal Spare Battery Charger w/LCD Display. This battery phone charger is large enough to accommodate an extended life battery.   
Will this charge a 3800mAh battery?
Asked by Kale Dostick  |  2013-03-09
3 Answers
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Answer  Thank you for contacting us regarding the Universal Spare Battery Charger w/LCD Display (White w/Black Trim) . This external battery charger would accommodate a 3800mAh level battery. Please be advised that charging time would increase based upon the mAh level of cell phone batteries.   
Will this universal charger work with LG VX 9700 Battery?
Asked by CYNTHIA KING  |  2013-01-16
6 Answers
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Answer  This is a universal charger compatible with all models of phone including the LG VX 9700.   
how does this charger plug into wall electrical outlet ?
Asked by Sue Burt  |  2012-11-30
3 Answers
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Answer  The back of the charger has the plug in prongs. They fold out when you use them and fold back into the charger when not in use.   
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