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Black Scorpion Mount Universal Car Holder

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  • Black Scorpion Mount Universal Car Holder
  • Secures your GPS, MP3 player or smartphone to any flat surface
  • Adjustable arm swivels 360-degress
  • Rotating cradle for convenient portrait or landscape positioning
  • Accommodates devices measuring 5'' wide
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Quick-release for easy removal
  • Double suction cup technology
  • Suctions on wood, glass, metal, plastic, drywall, etc!
  • Polyurethane grips on inner clamps
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Black Scorpion Mount Universal Car Holder

The ultimate all-in-one mount for your mobile device! Fully adjustable and extending up to 5 inches to fit most cellular devices horizontally, the polyurethane grips will keep your device steady through any road condition you may stumble upon. Suction based, the Scorpion Mount will keep its place while also allowing you to suction this mount onto any flat surface including, wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc!

  • Suctions onto most surfaces
  • Polyurethane gripped clamp
  • Easy to assemble
  • No adhesives or magnets necessary
  • Extends up to 5 inches

Black Scorpion Mount Universal Car Holder

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Hi, I bought a Black Scorpion Mount Universal Car Holder on April 30,2013. It's too small to hold my google nexus 7 tablet which is 4.72 in(12 cm) wide. The car holder's advertisement said it accomodates devices measuring 5 in(12.7cm) wide,but in fact it could only accomodates devices no more than 4 in(10.2cm). So it couldn't work for my google nexus 7 tablet.Would do you like to tell what's matter with the car holder? Thanks.
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-05-15
2 Answers
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Answer  I bought it but the suction cup and even the clasp to hold my phone didn't work to my standards. I would not recommend this phone holder. I have invested in a Google Nexus phone holder and it worked so much better. The suction cup held on tightly even in warm climates (Tx). The downside being that it held it by a clip that was almost like a phone cover meaning you had to remove your phone from its Cover to use it.   
Will this device suction on a plastic dash with a pebble grain pattern on it?
Asked by William Harrison  |  2013-04-04
5 Answers
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Answer  Sometimes. But I have a weighted (sand weight) disk with a smooth center. This contraption I purchased from Navigon a few years ago. The suction cup nicely stays on the central smooth area. The holder is designer to sit unrestrained on the dash. Reasonably smooth driving leaves it on the dash. (Jackrabbits starts, too quick turns, etc. will slip it off.) The weighted holder is a nice solution.   
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