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Oversized Signature Hand-Crafted Vertical Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

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  • Signature Hand-Crafted Vertical Leather Case
  • Custom-fit for the Samsung Galaxy S3 equipped with protective cover
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Soft fabric interior lining
  • Expanding sides for a safe, secure fit
  • Reinforced belt clip
  • Dimensions: 5.19 (H) x 2.99 (W) x 0.86 (D) in.
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Oversized Signature Hand-Crafted Vertical Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

A distinctly elegant leather case sized to easily accommodate the Samsung Galaxy S3 equipped with a snap-on faceplate or protective cover. Individually hand-crafted from the finest premium materials with strong attention to detail and plenty of luxurious accents. Sports a secure magnetic closure, soft fabric interior lining and reinforced belt clip for easy positioning. Measures 5.19 (H) x 2.99 (W) x 0.86 (D) inches.

Oversized Signature Hand-Crafted Vertical Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

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97 out of 97 reviewers would recommend this.
who is the manufacture of this item?
Asked by jerry nielsen  |  2013-06-28
3 Answers
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Answer  Don't know but leather was super thin and tore at belt clip. Not well made.   
Will this fit the samsung galaxy s3 with extended battery back cover?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-04-19
1 Answer
Answer  The Oversized Signature Hand-Crafted Vertical Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S 3 is not equipped to accommodate the Galaxy siii with extended life battery. Due to increase in size we unfortunately do not carry pouches for this Samsung Galaxy with an extended battery.   
Has anyone tried this with the Razr HD? I have an Otter Box on it and want a case that will fit it and stay securely on my belt.
Asked by John Hart  |  2013-03-11
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for your interest in the Oversized Signature Hand-Crafted Vertical Leather Case for Sony Xperia Ion 4G. The leather case is not equipped to accommodate the Otterbox Defender case due to the increase in size.   
Is the a spring belt clip and does it turn..?? Thanks everyone
Asked by terry gross  |  2013-01-15
10 Answers
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Answer  This is a spring clip. This belt clip is reinforced and designed to stay in place rather than turn.   
Will my galaxy S3 with defender otter box fit in this case??
Asked by Newell Goodson  |  2013-01-11
11 Answers
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Answer  Unfortunately, that case would not accommodate the phone with Otterbox case due to the increase in size. This case will accommodate the phone with thin case.   
Will this case fit an HTC One X fitted with the Otterbox Defender? The OD of the HTC One X w/Otterbox Defender are 5.5" x 3" x 5/8".
Asked by Dave Englund  |  2012-10-22
3 Answers
View all answers
Answer  It should work, I have the "Speck" skin from At &t and this leather case could easily fit a thicker skin on a phone than the Speck, and still be easy to get in and out of the case. The speck is a slip on rubber and plastic combination hard skin not as thick as the otters but there are elastic inserts in the sides to accomdate a thicker or wider phone. I hope this helps.   
Will this accomodate a Galaxy S3 with a slim case?
Asked by Gregory Lee  |  2012-10-02
13 Answers
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Answer  Sorry to be so late geeting back to you. No, the case is too big..in fact I have not found a case that the phone doesn't rattle around in...they are all too wide...I took this case, cut the top off, slid half of the plastic insert in it, and velcro'd it to my dash board for an inexpensive car holder.   
Will my HTC One X with Otterbox Commuter cover fit into this case - looks like it should? Thanks
Asked by Marge begley  |  2012-09-19
5 Answers
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Answer  it did for mine...   
does the belt clip swivel???
Asked by Jann Lampert  |  2012-08-29
4 Answers
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Answer  I never use the case i turn the phone back in. it still in the box. never open it   
I want to know when it will be in stock and available for order? I can pay by Visa credit card not others or send a check. I want to do business with you can you make its easy?
Asked by John Minneci  |  2012-08-16
1 Answer
Answer  We are expecting them in , roughly early September.   
When will the Oversized Signature Hand-Crafted Vertical Leather Case for HTC One X (ATT) be available for ordering. What is the cost and shipping Total.?
Asked by John Minneci  |  2012-08-16
4 Answers
View all answers
Answer  I bought this case in May, this has been one of the most durable cases I have ever had. Since I work in commercial construction, I typically tear up cases within weeks, almost 4 months with this one and the belt clip is still holding strong. I strongly recommend this product.   
Reply  Where on your website do I place my order It says buy now I click on buy now and no order form appears. I have tried to call for three days on 1 800 305 1166 and it is constantly busy. Please call me at 661-718-1084 and walk me through the order process. Thanks John Minneci   
Hi does this case have an opening for headphones?? thanks
Asked by Becca Brammer  |  2012-08-05
1 Answer
Answer  This does not have an opening for headphones.   
Hi Interested in this case for my sprint samsung galaxy s2 epic touch. I have a diztronic tpu case on the phone now and and need to know if the galaxy with tpu case will still fit well in this case. or other case you feel would work better? Please respond asap. Thanks. -Russ
Asked by First Name Last Name  |  2012-07-09
7 Answers
View all answers
Answer  Should be no problem. I have a pretty bulky rubber shell case on mine and it still fits well in the case.   
Does the belt clip rotate on this case?
Asked by Rose Marin  |  2012-05-29
6 Answers
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Answer  I dont think so,I cant turn it   
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