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Aegis Series Protective Case w/Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G SPH-D710 (Sprint) (Black) by Trident

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  • Official Trident mobile accessory!
  • Manufacturer Part No.: AG-EPIC-BK
  • Premium three layer case
  • Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G SPH-D710 (Sprint)
  • Soft-touch, rubber coated exterior coating
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Easily slips in or out of any bag, pocket or purse
  • Allows access to all controls, functions and ports
  • Includes Screen Protector
  • Color: Black
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Maximize The Life of Your Precious
Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G SPH-D710 (Sprint)!

Designed to keep your Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G SPH-D710 (Sprint) safe from all dangers, this Aegis Series case by Trident will surpass your expectations of phone protection. Stylish and fully functional, this case will absorb drop damage, prevent scratches, will provide comfortable grip and repel dust!

The first layer is a shock absorbent silicone polymer that shields your phone against drops. Up next is a polycarbonate shell that secures your phone from scratches and dings. Finally, a virtually indestructible military grade film protects your screen from scratches, fingerprints, and dust intrusive particles.

Aegis Series Protective Case w/Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G SPH-D710 (Sprint) (Black) by Trident

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is the screen protector built onto the case or do you apply it to the phone manually ?
Asked by clint bonds  |  2012-08-21
4 Answers
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Answer  The screen protector is independant of the case. You apply it like any other screen protector. It is perfectly sized and cut for the samsung galaxy. I ordered a few different cases and chose the one that was the most practical and fit the best. I chose the Aegis.   
I just purchased this case and i also want to get a vertical case for my phone that i can attach to my belt, but this case makes my phone kinda large. Can you tell me what vertical case i could purchase that this thing will fit in?
Asked by Keven Frederick  |  2012-08-04
1 Answer
Answer  Hi Keven, I've had this case for a few months and loved the amount of protection so much that my fiance bought one immediately. Unfortunately, the case does make the overall product a little large, but a vertical case most likely will not fit over top. My guess would be that you would need to with them out, however the vertical case does not offer as much protection. My 2 year old has thrown, stepped on, kicked, and done everything imaginable; all of which should have left me with broken/shattered parts. I've never found a case like this one. Verizon is the only company that i know of that offers a vertical case and SOME damage control. But its a fairly expensive case. I hope this helps! Good luck with your search!   
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