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Exquisite UniPro Refined Leather Horizontal Pouch for Fury N850 / Director N850L

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  • High quality genuine leather
  • Magnetic closing flap keeps phone securely in place
  • Fixed belt clip and belt loop lets you clip or loop the case on to your belt
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Fury N850 / Director N850L Exquisite UniPro Refined Leather Horizontal Pouch - High quality horizontal leather pouch for your Fury N850 / Director N850L Phone. Constructed with durable, high quality leather with fixed belt clip, this case is ideal for the style conscious on the go. Equipped with strong magnetic closure, its guaranteed to be one of the most durable case available on the market today!

Buy this stylish horizontal pouch today and we'll ship it to your home or business for FREE! With every purchase at WirelessEmporium.com your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. ORDER NOW!

Exquisite UniPro Refined Leather Horizontal Pouch for Fury N850 / Director N850L

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54 out of 63 reviewers would recommend this.
Are the measurements provided in the previous Q&A, the interior compartment measurements or is this the exterior measurements? If it's the exterior measurements, can you please provide the interior measurements? Thanks!
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-08-28
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for inquiring about the Exclusive UniPro Aged Leather Horizontal Pouch for Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate SGH-I577 (ATT) . The full dimensions of this horizontal pouch are 5.05 (height) x 3.02 (Width) x 0.64 (Depth).   
Can you provide the exact size measurements of this case? I'm looking for something that will hld my Stratosphere 2 in a hard shell case. Thanks!
Asked by Mark Frank  |  2013-07-04
1 Answer
Answer  We appreciate your interest in the Exclusive UniPro Aged Leather Horizontal Pouch for Samsung Stratosphere 2 SCH-I415. The dimensions for this leather case are 5.05 x 3.02 x 0.64, and this is certainly compatible with your Stratosphere II.   
Is this case large enough to fit a t-mobile prism with a protective back case on it?
Asked by Ronald Beaton  |  2013-03-08
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for your interest in the Exclusive UniPro Aged Leather Horizontal Pouch for Other Huawei Prism. This leather case is not equipped to accommodate the t-mobile prism and hard protective cover. I have included a link to a pouch that would accommodate this t-mobile phone and thin protective shell:http://www.wirelessemporium.com/p-194637-oversized-signature-horizontal-leather-case-for-huawei-prism-t-mobile-   
Has anyone used this case with the Samsung Galaxy s3 with the extended battery case?
Asked by Regina Farfan  |  2012-11-05
6 Answers
View all answers
Answer  I have used this product for close to two months now and so far it is doing well and not showing any unusual wear. It is certainly comparable in my opinion to the same type of product I would have had to pay twice for in a retail store.   
My Droid Bionic has the Motorolla Extended Battery with the deeper back portion. Will that fit in this holster, particularly if there is also a protective silocone shell on the back of that deeper case?
Asked by Terrence tedankel@verizon.net  |  2012-09-09
3 Answers
View all answers
Answer  I do not have the extended battery. That said, there is a lot of room left in this pouch after my Droid is inserted.   
My HTC thunderbolt actually measures .75 thick with body glove on it . It is 5" long and 2.75 wide. Will it fit in this case "ok"?
Asked by Troy Donovan  |  2012-07-12
1 Answer
Answer  Our accessories are made to fit the phone only unless otherwise specified. This one is for a different phone but it is oversize: http://www.wirelessemporium.com/p-118333-oversized-exquisite-unipro-horizontal-leather-case-for-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-epic-touch-4g-sph-d710-sprint-   
will the Photon 4G fit in it?
Asked by devorah texler  |  2012-06-13
2 Answers
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Answer  This pouch will fit the phone by its self -Regina   
It promised a good fit for the phone
Commented by Jay Weiss  |  2011-08-11
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