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Extended Battery w/Door for T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S (3.7VDC - 3500 mAh)

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  • Extended Battery w/Door
  • Compatible w/ T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S
  • 3.7VDC Li-Ion
  • 3500 mAh
  • Nearly 292% increase in capacity
  • Perfect replacement or spare
  • Battery door features rubberized exterior coating
  • Color: Classic black
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Extended Battery w/Door for HTC Wildfire S (3.7VDC - 3500 mAh)

Your HTC Wildfire S is a beastly device, but its ''standard issue'' battery doesn't quite cut it. Level the playing field with a cellular fuel source that can handle the super performance demanded by this media driven smartphone. At 3500 mAh, this extended battery crams more multimedia possibilities into a similar-sized package. Now you can watch MORE HD video content, stream COUNTLESS jams from your music library and stay connected with friends and family LONGER. Included battery door cover accommodates slightly larger form factor.


Extended Battery w/Door for T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S (3.7VDC - 3500 mAh)

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2 out of 2 reviewers would recommend this.
Can you provide a picture of the front of the case? I've ordered from two other companies that stated the case will fit my TMobile, HTC Wildfire S, phone and the case doesn't even come close.
Asked by Jacques Potter  |  2013-02-05
1 Answer
Answer  Thank you for your interest in the Extended Battery w/Door for T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S. The image displayed is actually the front of the case. May I ask the model number on your Wilfdifire phone, and I can provide more information?   
I want to be absolutely sure this Extended Battery w/Door for HTC Wildfire S (3.7VDC - 3500 mAh) will fit my HTC Wildfire S. My phone *is* a T-Mobile. But I am not sure what the acronym GSM is, and if it even applies to my phone (info says only for GSM/T-Mobile Model Only). And It is not the LATEST HTC Wildfire S -- it was given to me by a friend that I think bought it over a year ago. Are GSM and T-Mobile separate things? Or is GSM a type of T-Mobile phone? If so, I'd need to know if mine is a GSM/T-Mobile phone. How? I like what I am seeing on the site and bookmarked it. Thx.
Asked by Thomas Kelly  |  2013-01-26
1 Answer
Answer  Thanks you for your question regarding the Extended Battery w/Door for T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S. This extended life battery is compatible with your HTC Wildfire S. The term gsm refers to the fact the your phone requires sim cards for use.   
is there another battery that has more mAH than original (1250 mAH)that will fit the HTC Wildfire S?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-01-21
2 Answers
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Answer  At this time the only batteries for this phone include the after market replacement (1250 mAh) and this extended battery. Here is a link to each battery: http://www.wirelessemporium.com/sb-20-sm-1209-scd-1090-batteries-htc-wildfire-s-marvel   
So, my phone was purchased from boost mobile through virgin mobile...its not compatable w/this extended battery?
Asked by William Parish  |  2012-09-08
1 Answer
Answer  the Wildfire i had was from tmobile and this back plate did not fit on the phone.   
Are you positive this works with tmobile, i have bought two of these that say they work but do not?
Asked by Victor Yap  |  2012-07-13
1 Answer
Answer  This one does work with t-mobile. We have a t-mobile phone in house that we have tested. -Regina   
Hi, do you carry extended batterys for a HTC Wildfire S from Metro PCS CDMA versions? Thank You onegun66@yahoo./com
Asked by Ed kLOS  |  2012-06-14
1 Answer
Answer  It uses the same battery. -Regina   
Do you carry batteries for the CDMA based network (metro PCS)?
Asked by Ed kLOS  |  2012-05-23
1 Answer
Answer  Hello, We do carry many different accessories for many different phones. All of our accessories are categorized by make and model of the phone. If you provide us with the make and model of your phone, we can look into this for you. You can find the exact make and model of your phone by removing your battery and checking on the back of your phone or you can contact your carrier. -Regina   
Reply  Hello, I need a extended life battery for a HTC Wildfire S, CDMA version from Metro PCS. This one is for a GMA version according to the review you have there.So if you carry one or can tell me where I can get one, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank You   
Reply  Yes, this will work with the CDMA version or GSM   
I have the HTC wildfire S from Virgin Mobile. It features the back cover that extends around the front on the bottom of the device. Will this back door and extended battery work with my phone? I am having a hard time buying accessories for my phone because the case is deifferent. Thanks for the help.
Asked by Heather Barben  |  2012-05-20
1 Answer
Answer  This, like most other accessories, is for the GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile) versions of the phone. Yours, being a Virgin Mobile phone (and therefore Sprint MVNO's CDMA-based network), will not work with the case. I had this same issue. The battery works beautifully, however, and has increased the life of my phone from 6hrs to 3 days. I cut a hole in the back of the battery door since I needed longer life more than a snazzy-looking phone, so your results would be different. If you do, however, find a battery door that fits this, respond to this again. :)   
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