Motorola Droid Razr M XT907 OEM Micro USB Car Charger (SYN1830A)

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Motorola Droid Razr M XT907 OEM Micro USB Car Charger (SYN1830A)
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  • Keeps your battery in top operating condition, since it will not over-charge your battery
  • This is the Motorola Droid Razr M XT907 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product SYN1830A with a one-year warranty!
  • Quickly plugs into your car 12VDC cigarette lighter adapter for a rapid battery charge
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Customer Reviews 10

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Car Charger
It works every time Review by Libby

Car charger
Love the charger, very convenient Review by Ms. N

Easy To Use

Droid 4 car charger
Excellent product - and SO incredibly much cheaper than buying at the Verizon store! WIll purchase for all my vehicles!
Review by Andy

Motorola Car Charger for Droid RAZR
Great product for reasonable pricing, no problems so far.
Review by jspud17

Excellent Price
This is a great OEM product for a fraction of the price. The local cell phone shop wanted to charge me over $30 for this! Review by Johnson

Excellent value
I bought this OEM car charger for my new Droid phone at a fraction of the cost of getting one from the provider. The service was prompt and I am 100% satisfied. Have used this vendor before and would definitely use them again.
Review by lucy

Love the secure feeling
We use our Androids a lot and tend to run the batteries down frequently. We feel a more secure knowing that we can get a quick charge-up in the car. Also, quickly shipped to us. You guys are amazing!
Review by joe's wife

Solid charger. Longer cable than some. Works great!
Review by Dave

Great Motorola-Made Charger
Package came with prompt shipping. I knew this was a quality product once I saw it was made by Motorola themselves and was not disappointed. The car charger works exactly as you would want a motorola product to perform. Review by Moose

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Original Equipment Motorola Droid Razr M XT907 Cell Phone Car Charger (SYN1830A) - Factory original 12-14 Volt DC Battery Car Charger/ Cigarette Lighter Adapter.

Order this quality cell phone charger today and we'll ship it right away to your home or business for FREE! Remember - with every purchase at Wireless Emporium your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. ORDER NOW!

Technical Specs

Additional Information

Product Type: Car Chargers
Materials Chargers: polycarbonate
Detachable Connector(s): No
Connector Type(s): Micro USB
Finish: matte
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: No
Color Type: Matte
Weight: 3.0000
Amount of Ports: No
Cable: Yes
Coiled Cable: No
Detachable Cable: No
Wireless Charger: No
Qi Certified: No
Current Type: DC
USB Port(s): No
OEM: Yes
OEM Manufacturer: Motorola
OEM Part Number: SYN1830A
LED Charge Indicator: No
LED Color: No
RoHS Certified: No
CE Certified: No
FCC Certified: No
UL Certified: No
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