LG Bliss UX700 Vertical Leather Case, Black

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LG Bliss UX700 Vertical Leather Case, Black
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  • Vertical Leather Pouch
  • Designed for LG Bliss UX700
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Magnetic flap closure system
  • Soft-lined interior
  • Steel reinforced belt clip
  • Color: Black
  • Fast, FREE Shipping!
  • 90-Day No-Hassle Returns
  • Dimensions: 4.6 (H) x 2.3 (W) x 0.6 (D) in.
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Customer Reviews 10

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Quaility case at a great price
This case is a perfect fit for my Droid. I am impressed with the quality of the case.
Review by Gerald

Nexus4 Verticle case review
Case looks of good quality, the magnet is a little weak but still functions. The case clasp on the backside is good. The nexus 4 without and outer gel case fits perfectly in this leather case. If your using a Gel case on your Nexus4 it will be a little snug on the width, but I am sure after time the side elastic will stretch out making it easier to remove the phone. On the plus side at least the phone won't fall out easily.
Review by Dare

The vertical pouch is just what I needed a great holder.
Review by Spider

Cell Pouch
Arrived quickly. Looked just as described. Fits my phone well.
Review by Big Country

perfect fit
this case is the only one that I have ever found that fit my droid perfectly.
Review by dave w

leather phone case
Received it very quickly. Looks great.
Review by Stacey

phone case
this turned out to be a better than expected phone case, it fit my phone perfectly. I like the belt clip better than most that come with phone cases, this one is the easiest one I've ever used.
Review by hime G

Perfect fit for Motorola Titanium
Shipped very quickly, description kind of accurate. Soft leather. Magnetic clip works great. Only one complaint. States that the pouch rotates, but it does not, it is fixed in vertical position. One reason I purchased this model was rotating option. I can live with it, would have been rated excellent if description would have been more accurate. Will purchase other items from this vendor.
Review by GJC

Highly recommend
Very good product - would use and depend on, or give to close friend or relative.
Review by dan

Good but could always be better
Got this to replace a shell/holster combo I got when I got the phone. When the shell cracked the phone wouldnt fit in the holster anymore. Well I also got a silicone case to cover and protect the phone. Hoping that with elastic sides this would hold it. It goes in just getting it out is some work. I am hoping over a few weeks it will stretch to it a bit more. I like the rotating belt clip. Not as firm holding as I am used to but still good. The magnetic flap doesnt really stay closed all that well its a little weak. slightest brush will pop it open. (good thing my silicone case is a tight fit or my phone would have been on the ground.
Review by JJ

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Product Questions

Can this pouch accomodate my HTC 1 x with a faceplate on the phone? Also what is the inside made of?? Phelp? leather? vinyl?? I am worried of scratches on the phone with it. Please advise. Thanks.
Is the clip designed with a hook at the bottom so it doesn't easily slip off of my belt?
Will this work for my Nokia Lumia 710 with a BodyGardZ Armor Full Body film on it?
Will this case work with any kind of protective skin on the phone?
I have the HTC Evo 3D but with a extended battery, which makes the device a little thicker. Will this pouch fit the Evo with extended batter case?
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This extremely durable leather case/pouch will provide maximum security and protection for your phone. Shield it shut with its secure magnetic flap and close to you at all time with the reinforced belt clip.

Technical Specs

Additional Information

Product Type: Vertical Cases & Pouches
Event: No
Material: leather
Graphics: solid
Pattern Type: No
Texture: Yes
Texture Name: Leather Feel
Finish: matte
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: No
Color Type: Matte
Fashion Item: No
Height: 4.6
Width: 2.3
Depth: 0.6
Weight: 3.0000
Form Factor Case Radio: vertical
OEM Manufacturer: No
Belt Clip: No
Holster: No
Kickstand/Stand: No
Screen Protector Inlcuded: No
Water Proof: No
Battery Phone Case: No
LED Charge Indicator: No
LED Color: No
QWERTY Keyboard: No
Bluetooth Version: No
Rechargeable Battery: No
Includes Charger: No
Current Type: No
RoHS Certified: No
CE Certified: No
FCC Certified: No
UL Certified: No
UPC: 641674492281
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