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How do I apply a Screen Protector?

The first step is to remove any dirt, debris, or smudges from your screen so you can apply the screen protector to a clean surface. Next, peel back about 1 inch of the first sticker flap. Make sure you donít touch any of the sticky part with your fingers, or you might leave a fingerprint underneath your screen protector. Carefully line up the protector with the screen and put in place. Since we have only peeled off part of the plastic backing, we can easily make adjustments if we need to. Once you feel like you have it in the correct position, use a credit card to apply pressure to the screen protector as you slowly remove the rest of the plastic backing. This will remove any air bubbles. Finally, carefully remove the second plastic layer from the top of the screen protector. Once finished, you can use the credit card to smooth out any air bubbles you might see.

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